YouTube to Receive $100 injection for Niche Cheap Channels

Posted on Apr 7 2011 - 11:14pm by Thomas Sharp

Google is reportedly planning a few new additions to YouTube to the tune of $100 million. The Californian based search giant is planning to create 20 new video channels to capitalize on the growing need for web based shows. This won’t be high end content like the BBC provide but nor will it be the run of the mill content provided by the average user. Apparently the new channels will sit slap bang in between providing regular content up to half an hour in length.

The project is a smart move by YouTube as the popularity of connected TV’s, more and more people are accessing services like YouTube through their TV’s or over the internet. Could this be Google’s answer to the iPlayer on a niche scale?

The channels will bring “several hours of professionally produced original programming a week,” according to the wall street journal. The project will aim to keep bums on seats and eyes on screen as Google also plans to roll out their own music and media lockers, perhaps alongside other services in the near future.

Although $100 million may sound like quite a hefty injection it’s actually a small amount when compared to other add spends. The content is expected to be viral content similar to the Okay Go video or other celebrity based shenanigans – Lady Gaga or The Bieber anyone?

What would you like to see on YouTube?

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