Yuuwaa USB Flash Drive Review

Posted on Jun 11 2010 - 10:33pm by Richard Sharp

If you think back a few years you would probably remember USB storage as a new fangled technology that was fairly expensive that provided a limited amount of storage. Thankfully those days are dead and buried and affordable mass USB storage is now readily available. The problem you have now though is that the variety of USB memory to choose from is vast, which is why you can get quality at an amazing price and sometimes a few added extras.

Yuuwaa description

The YuuWaa Go and Plus USB flash drive is a memory stick with a difference; it offers data storage, efficient backup, online space for files and a way to share your files. YuuWaa combines a password protected USB stick with online storage; this comes in a number of options. The Yuuwaa Go comes with a 4 GB memory stick with 20 GB of free storage and the plus version offers double of both. The online storage solution is free for six months and then if you like the product can be upgraded to another six months, a year or even longer (the longer you opt for the smaller the annual fee).


In the box

The Yuu Waa Go is an attractive blue and the Plus comes in aluminium colour. You get a variety of things in the box including a lanyard to secure your Yuuwaa from getting lost. You also get a start up guide and a registration card for your stick and your online storage. The first thing you will encounter when you plug in your Yuuwaa USB stick for the first time is a simple sign up form where you have to enter your preferred email address, a password and your registration number.

Yuuwaa in action

On subsequent connections a small icon will appear in your system tray.  This can be used to backup your memory stick to your online storage space, to access files on the move or to restore lost files if you lose your Yuuwaa. You can also schedule a handy backup to run at an interval of your choosing (either 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) which means your files are safe should your computer or memory stick crashes or fails. Another nifty feature is that you can choose to share files or selected folders with approved friends or family by adding them to a simple to use contacts list. You can choose to add a personalised message before files are shared too – ideal for work, life or play.

The Yuuwaa flash drive will work on any computer running windows XP (with service pack2) onwards so long as it has a USB  2.0 port free. They have also launched a beta service for Mac’s with OS X or newer.


If you want an inexpensive way to keep your files safe both on your USB stick and backed up online then the YuuWaa is a pretty good product. It looks nice, works well and is pretty robust. Keep an eye on the lid though as this does not attach to the lanyard. The Yuuwaa go retails at £19.99 and the plus at £29.99. Both are available from pc world with free delivery.

Yuuwaa demo video

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