Another Set of PlayStation Phone Photos

Posted on Jan 10 2011 - 10:41pm by Matt Jackson

We mentioned a couple of days ago about how a preview video of the alleged new PlayStation Phone had increased speculation over the existence of this device to new levels amongst gaming fans.

The people are Sony are still keeping tight lipped about whether this machine actually exists or not but a new development which has caused a sensation is the appearance of a Chinese language review of the phone with lots of photos.

As well as the photos there are plenty of details on the site but what isn’t clear is whether it is the same PlayStation Phone which has been independently assessed by two different Chinese sites or whether they have each got hold of different phones, and if so whether the two are identical to each other or not.

Early translations of the review suggest that a third party emulator was tested on it with a success rate of 70%, a fact which doesn’t really tell us an awful lot if we are being honest.

While the great mystery about this machine looks like it will roll on a bit longer still there now seems no doubt that it does actually exist. The company’s presentations at the CES 2011 have made some subtle references to future developments which may or may not be taken as meaning the PlayStation Phone.

Anyway, to recap what we know to date. It seems to be known as the Sony Zeus Z1. It runs off a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, has a 4 inch screen, 512 MB of RAM 1 GB of ROM. The camera has 5 megapixels and you can connect a MicroSD, a SIM card and a micro USB.  There is expected to be a marketplace called PlayStation Pocket.

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So while we are waiting on official confirmation or denial the questions on everyone’s lips are; when can I try this thing out and how much will it cost?

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