Apple To Launch HDTV In 2 To 4 Years?

Posted on Aug 25 2010 - 10:57am by Matt Jackson

According to one tech analyst, Apple will release a standalone HDTV that will bring together the features of the Apple set top box and the iTunes service. The update to the set top box, which ITV have been trying to prevent from being called iTV, is likely to be quite a change to the current model opting for a more cloud based system rather than a power sapping psycho of a set top box. It will reportedly include many of the same features and functions as the iPod and other popular Apple devices.

The change in Apple TV’s set top box is apparently paving the way for similar features on the potential future release of the HDTV. Users will be able to pay an iTunes fee that enables them to stream music, storing it in Apple controlled data centres rather than taking up precious hard drive space. This will also allow for the devices to use less power although is probably also a good way of ensuring that Apple is able to tie its users down to their service even further.

A new HDTV from Apple would be pretty much all encompassing. It would be able to stream both music and videos. They also have some experience in providing apps apparently (who knew?) and they have become masters of connecting their devices to the Internet. It could essentially do away with other set top boxes, media players, DVD players, and it could also include Internet access and web based apps.

This really is only the view of one such technology expert, though, and many do disagree that the Apple HDTV will launch. Will they do it? Well, with an estimated value of around $30bn a year, the HDTV market is one market that we think Apple may want to take on in some way.

Would you buy a fully integrated Apple TV?

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