Bridgestone unveils airless tire concept

Posted on Dec 2 2011 - 4:20am by Julius

Renowned tire maker Bridgestone has unveiled a new concept tire that they have developed that requires no air to make it functional. Instead of using rubber to build the tires, these airless tires are built with resin spokes that can support even heavy loads.

By using a system of resin spokes, the new airless tire from Bridgestone can provide the same shock absorption level as an inflated tire. What’s good about it is you don’t have to worry about changing a flat tire or monitoring air pressure ever again.

The idea behind the concept is similar to Michelin’s Tweel, which was introduced in 2006. It was even inspired by the wheels used by NASA’s Lunar Rover during the Apollo era. However, Bridgestone seems to have improved its design with the use of thermoplastic resin that forms the tire’s body, radiating from the inner hub to the outer rim an an angle of 45 degrees. This, when combined with a second set that runs to the opposite direction, provides added stability, strength and flexibility.

The company said that they used thermoplastic tires because it is easier to recycle, unlike the rubber used in traditional tires. Bridgestone also said that current airless tires are suitable for gold buggies and other vehicles with similar sizes. They are looking to develop the product further as soon as possible to bring the airless tires to the automotive tire market.


via: Wired

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  1. Mary January 30, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    If these tires got the popularity I would buy them soon. As I am fed up of flattening of tire.

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