Capture stunning photos with the iPhone Telephoto lens

Posted on Jul 11 2011 - 4:23pm by Thomas Sharp

People who use their iPhone 4s as their primary snapshot cameras may say the phone’s digital zoom gets them close enough but lowers the image quality in the process. Online camera accessory store Photojojo has featured an iPhone accessory that will surely wow photography heads out there.

The iPhone Telephoto lens allows you to add 8x zoom to your phone’s camera. For SLR photographers, that’s similar to a 500mm lens, except it is smaller and cheaper. The 8X lens has a manual focus that enables you to capture objects at a distance with a 16 degree angle of view.

The lens, which costs only £22, is not like other attachable lenses for smartphones. The lens can be installed on its included case, unlike those magnetic lenses that work on other smartphones. It is only available for iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 models. To install the telephoto lens, you can just screw the lens onto the case and you’re ready to shoot. Just twist the barrel until you like your subject’s focus and start taking photos.

Photojojo also featured two high-quality lenses that can be attached to any smartphone. According to the site, a combo wide-angle/macro and a fisheye lens can be attached to any brand of smartphone via a detachable magnetic ring.

The combo wide-angle/macro lens are primarily used for shooting landscapes, or you can use it to capture cword shots at a concert. The same lens is also set as a macro, so you can get detailed macro shots. The fisheye lens creates a fantastic cirved edges, making the subject look like they’re inside a bubble

Sample photos can be seen at the Photojojo website.

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