Facebook Has Overtaken TV And Drunken Nights As Students’ Favourite Pastime

Posted on Aug 26 2010 - 9:46am by Matt Jackson

The rumours that students are a bunch of lazy shirkers could well be true and rather than sitting in front of the TV watching Countdown or at the student union topping up on cheap booze, the average student now spends the equivalent of a whole working day on social networking sites like Facebook. In contrast, the 7.5 hours they spend networking is only marginally less than the typical 9.5 hours a week spent doing coursework.

If you’re looking for the ideal source of procrastination then Facebook is apparently it and nearly two thirds of students will attest to that fact citing it as the main reason for them being distracted from work. What’s more, while the hard working masses may not be able to afford the likes of a brand new iPhone or Blackberry it seems that student grants provide an ideal way to buy a smartphone.

Students take more than £1,000 of gadgets with them to university, and around a third of those questioned said that they couldn’t do without their iPhone/Blackberry smartphone.

If you’ve ever considered doing a degree but have held back then maybe the news that you’ll spend 13 hours a week surfing the Internet, watch 2 films a week on your laptop, and spend nearly all of the rest of your spare time on Facebook with the occasional and brief break to do some coursework might be enough to grab your attention to drag you to university.

The survey was conducted by customer review firm Reevoo to coincide with the release of their list of top rated student laptops. The awards were as follows:

  • Most portable – Acer Aspire One D250 (£214)
  • Best on a budget – HP Compaq Mini 110c (£209)
  • Best looking – Apple MacBook Pro (£1,106)
  • Best battery – Apple MacBook Pro MC118B/A (£1,307)
  • Best movie player – Sony Vaio VGN-AW41MF (£970)
  • Best gamer – Acer Aspire 8942G-726G64BN (£1,196)

Are you a student?

Should you doing coursework rather than surfing the ‘net?

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