Facebook set to unveil new services this Thursday

Posted on Sep 22 2011 - 12:28pm by Julius

Facebook is reported to be undergoing a massive makeover that will bring mobile advances and music services, along with an update in video sharing to its service. These features are expected to be announced by the company on Thursday at the F8 developers conference.

The social network company will be introducing the new “ticker” stream, alongside the site’s partnerships with major media companies.

Mark Zuckerber, Facebook’s founder and chief executive officer, is also expected to introduce some changes to the “Like” button, enabling developers to make their own verbs to replace it, including “Desire,” “Need” or “Want.”

PCMag.com has reported that music services, like MOG, Rdio Spotify and Rhapsody, will be making its appearance on the site’s Facebook Music feature. Some rumors also suggest that video company Vevo, a site that houses popular music videos, might be announced by Zuckerberg as a potential partner.

It won’t take long to start seeing a time where Facebook serves as a hub not only for social communication, but also for online entertainment services. Variety TV editor Andrew Wallenstein said that adding services like Netflix and Hulu makes a lot of sense. “Something like Facebook that the average person is just using for liking things or reaching out to friends becomes a place where you’re watching TV and movies as well,” he added.

Newspapers are also making its way to the social network. It is said that users may read content within Facebook, rather than clicking on a link that takes them away from the site.

Today, Facebook has changed the template of its homepage, where Top Stories from friends are marked with a blue triangle in the upper left corner of the post and the Most Recent stories posted at the bottom part of the page.


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