Google’s Security Princess Wants You to Use Your Body as Your Password

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 10:15am by Paul

Is there anything more annoying in the modern world than the string of passwords we need to remember to check our mail, look at our bank accounts or do pretty much anything else online?

Sure, global warming, overpopulation, the financial crisis and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are all pretty worrying. However, none of that seems so important when we are faced with the problem of trying to remember yet another one of our passwords.

Use Your Body Not Your Mind

passwordThe good news is that our old friends at Google are here to help us. They want us to use our bodies instead of our minds when it comes to accessing our devices, our accounts and everything else.

Someone who goes by the name of Parisa Tabriz is in charge of the information security engineering section at Google. She also goes by the more exciting job title of hired hacker and has even been called Google’s Security Princess. Her work at present is to find ways in which we can go online and use our gadgets without having to remembering all of those annoying passwords.

How can this be done without lowering security levels? One strong possibility is that before long we will use our body parts to log on. This would appear to easier in the case of wearable technology such as smart watches. Time will tell how far this idea advances but it seems possible that before long we will finally be able to forget about all of those passwords.

What body parts do you think we should be able to use to sign on to our different devices and accounts?

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