How many Android apps have been downloaded so far?

Posted on Jul 15 2010 - 6:44pm by Rob

A few hundred thousand? Try a little over a flippin’ million and you’ll be there or thereabouts. In fact, exactly 1,063,084…wait…089…095. Argh, the counter on goes too fast for me to keep up.

Anyway, that’s a lorra, lorra downloads, Android fans, and the little graph showing the download rate is looking scarily like the hill you come across on your bike just when you run out of water and energy. Of course, with the number of both users and apps growing all the time the number of downloads is likely to carry on climbing expotentially (note to self: must learn another big word to use tomorrow). Did you know that over 60% of the Android apps don’t cost a bean, while over at Apple the free market is limited to under 30% of their apps. Cheapskates and bargain hunters are welcome. I’ll see you there. wey hey.

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