MxData’s Tube Map: more popular in men than women

Posted on Jun 29 2011 - 3:39pm by Julius

A popular saying that men never ask for directions should be scrapped and changed to men don’t need to ask for directions as mxData’s London Tube Map’s figures reveal that men download their travel app twice as likely as women.

Of the 631,000 users who downloaded the app last year, more than 408,000 are men, while 200,000 are women. Of the total smartphone users, studies show that 55 percent smartphone users are of male.

mxData Chief Executive Officer David Hames said: “The saying goes that men never ask for directions; however, with the number of map apps out there, men can keep their pride in check and be rest assured that they can get where they want to be without having to stop and ask people.”

Zoe Bell, a Brixton resident, said: “I think women are more likely to either leave their journey to chance or discuss the best route with friends and even strangers on the tube. My boyfriend, on the other hand, always likes to plan ahead and hates the possibility that he might take the wrong route.”

Zoe’s boyfriend, entrepreneur Jonathan Peace said that “The app makes it simple to check tube lines statuses on the move so you can be you’re taking the best route underground. It’s a no brainer and, if men are much more likely to download apps like these, it’s clear that men are simply better at seeking out the useful apps than women.”

The Tube Map app, which enables users to plan their journey, is currently the sixth most downloaded travel iPhone app on iTunes. The app is also available for free download on Nokia, Blackberry, Android and iPad.

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