O2 Offering Free Home Broadband With Mobile Broadband Deals

Posted on Aug 1 2008 - 3:05am by Richard Sharp

O2 Broadband Home And AwayO2 has really stepped up to the plate with regards to mobile and home broadband offers. Any customer signing up with the £20 a month mobile broadband for a year will receive a year’s free home broadband subscription too. The package, which is called Broadband Home and Away is not only available to new customers, either, with O2 taking the refreshing stance that it is also open to existing customers.

The Mobile Broadband package being offered gives 3GB of data per month as well as unlimited WiFi connection. In exchange for paying £20 per month for this you get the O2 Home Broadband, which was recently found to be more than twice as fast as their nearest competitor, completely free and that includes the wireless router, modem, unlimited downloads, and free customer service.

That’s really a pretty impressive deal, but they’re also starting, in less than a week, to offer broadband in a box for £30 available in shops. The £30 is actually credited against your first bill, too, so that means you basically just walk into the shop, pick up the equipment, and then lend the cashier £30 for a few weeks and they’ll pay your first bill for you.

Now that is service.

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