Sky 3D Is Here… Nearly

Posted on Jul 29 2010 - 3:04pm by Matt Jackson

It’s been threatened and on the cards for quite a while but the announcement today is that Sky 3D TV will start airing from the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor. That means a launch date of 1st October and the even better news is that you have the top end HD package and already own a 3D TV then you’ll be getting the service for no extra charge either.¬†Premier league football matches, which have been trialled across the country in various pubs and other venues, will also be shown on the channel along with various films; Alice in Wonderland, for example, will be shown before Christmas.

To watch 3D TV on any of the channels (channel 4 is also reported to be working on 3D technology so watch this space) you will of course need at least a 3D TV and some lovely glasses and a few companies are knocking them out now so you’ve got a good selection to choose from.

The Samsung 9000 3D TV is a particularly good looking television set and is incredibly thin. In fact it’s less than one third of an inch thick so it can be hung anywhere you like enabling you to enjoy incredible looking 3D images and watch the new Sky 3D TV channel. it’s also got some nifty little features like the 9000 remote. It’s not only a touch screen remote but also shows TV feeds while you watch Blu Ray on your main screen. The TV itself will open its little control panel when you reach a certain distance too.

That’s the TV sorted but what about the glasses? If you’re going to watch a couple of hours of 3D TV then you need comfortable and reasonable looking glasses and these Optiks 3D glasses from Gunnar tick both of these boxes. They look great, work exceptionally well with standard 3D TV models and they’re comfortable to boot.

Have you gone 3D yet?

Do you still think it’s little more than a passing phase?

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