Sonos Play: 3 keeps up with the demands of consumers

Posted on Aug 11 2011 - 10:43pm by Robert

Sonos has launched its latest incarnation of wireless speakers called the Play:3. Entering the market with a price tag of £259, this Hi-Fi system has all you need while keeping things simple. With its affordability and usablility, the Sonos Play:3 becomes just as accessible as the music.

The creation of the Play: 3 came when its older and more expensive brother, the Play:5, excluded a significant portion of the market. Responding to customers’ demand for a less expensive option, Sonos created a smaller, powerful device that caters to what people wants and needs.

Being a world leader in intelligent design, Sonos has not disappointed with its Play:3. One of its main features is the base of the device that acts as a bass radiator, enabling you to place the unit in any position. To counter any potential variables that can lower its sound quality, the company has included an accelerometer that can adjust the sound output according to the position it is in.

The Play:3 includes three powerful drivers that provide excellence in sound quality that is synonymous with products from Sonos. Its stereo pairing setting enables you to group two Play:3s together with one speaker serving as the right channel and the other as the left channel.

The Sonos Play:3 gives you the power to stream music from your smartphones or tablets, and with its ethernet port, it allows you to stream music files from your computer.

The Play:3 is available through 12 online retailers in the United Kingdom. Advanced MP3 Players, the largest specialist retailer of music players in the country, is offering exclusive packages, including a free one month subscription to Spotify. For more information, visit Advanced MP3 Players’ website.

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