Tactile HP Touchsmart notebook will get public interest

Posted on Apr 18 2009 - 9:45pm by Richard Sharp

p_hp_nj430ea_lThe HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea Notebook PC is the ultimate ground breaking multi-touch 12” notebook PC. This innovative notebook takes the mere laptop to a whole new level, allowing for a whole new range of features including a ‘slate mode’ function which enables the screen to be rotated and used with the integrated ‘pen’ for handwritten notes that can then be converted into type onscreen. For increased end user security the HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea also comes with a fingerprint reader that will provide peace of mind that no one else can access sensitive data and documents.

The stylish graphic design that adorns the matt grey notebook body and the included cover ensure this is an attention grabber; certainly this will be regarded by family, friends or work colleagues as an object of desire. The sleek compact body conceals a hub of useful extras that make the HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea more than the usual run of the mill notebook. The processor is an AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual core mobile, has 4096 Mb of memory and 400 Gb storage, Lightscrobe Multi DVD writer (R & RW) double layer support optical drive, ATI Radeon HD 3200 64MB Graphics, webcam with microphone, Digital multimedia memory card reader, modem is high speed 56k, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 3 USB ports, remote control and the HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea also sports the latest Windows Vista Home Premium software.

HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea is certainly an exciting concept, the touchscreen allows you to expand, minimise, rotate and drag images with the pen or with your finger however due to the technology involved the picture quality is not quite as good as some other notebooks on the market. For a little under £800 you are paying an awful lot more money than need be for some really pretty design work and some innovative (if not slightly unnecessary) touchscreen functions. Certainly this product will have people showing an interest in your notebook, but you could probably get an equal spec without the high price tag or the touchscreen and invest in an iPhone with the change instead. That said it’s a lovely design concept and the kudos is bound to get much consumer interest.

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