The Year Of The Android – Orange Android Coming Soon Plus Open Spot App Now Launched

Posted on Jul 13 2010 - 1:23pm by Matt Jackson

Orange looks like it’s attempting to almost single handedly turn this into the year of the Android, having an Android device designed and manufactured on its behalf that will apparently be available on contract and pay as you go and will cost as little as £100. The phone has a working title of Project JAL which we assume will be changed nearer the release date to something much more Orange like. The Dolphin or the Fruitbat maybe.

Apparently it will offer all the basics and will be similar in many respects to phones like the Vodafone 845 and the T-Mobile Pulse Mini – let’s hope they take some of their naming inspiration from T-Mobile rather than Vodafone then. It will have a 3mp camera and will run the latest version of Androi 2.1 when it is released. The date for release is currently set for the third quarter of this year so it’s not all that far away now. Although this is only a rumour and Orange has made no move to confirm or deny it, there is a swathe of information around so it’s likely to be a good one.

That’s not only good news for those that want a smartphone without the smartphone price but also for people struggling to find a parking space (erm… probably). A new Android App called Open Spot. Users gain karma by tagging open parking spaces in their local area and this gives other users the opportunity to find somewhere to leave their cars.

The problem with any app like Open Spot is that it’s next to useless without a mass of users to help carry the idea forward. And, you’ve got to question how many people will use it even if it is available for free download at the Google App store.

Are you that desperate to find decent parking that you’re on your way out to get an Android mobile now?

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