Vote for the Next ZTE Gadget

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 6:41pm by Robert

Voting is now open for anyone who wants to help ZTE choose their next gadget. The Project CSX competition has a range of exciting gadgets for the public to decide upon.

The Chinese consumer electronics firm has brought down the list of candidates for the crowd sourced gadget campaign to just 5.

These include a self-adhesive phone that is controlled by eye movements and can be stuck to the wall. Another contender on the shortlist is a virtual diving mask that turns any sort of pool into an ocean bottom heaving with life.

The Powerglove and Smartphone Cover


If neither of those ideas inspire you then what about a powerglove that helps you to learn new skills by, err, taking over your hand in an entirely non-creepy way? Another idea is for an intelligent smartphone cover that adds a range of cool features to the phone, such as E Ink screen and a second battery.

Finally, there is an updated ZTE Axon stock Android phone with a range of enhancements that you could vote for if you like the sound of it.  This sounds like a slightly less ground-breaking idea than the others but it could prove to be popular.

A few of these ideas have already been shown off but the smartphone cover and the new Android phone are late additions to the shortlist.

The contest runs until the 19th of October and the winner will be shown to the world at the 2017 CES show.

Which of these gadgets sounds like a winner to you and which shouldn’t ever see the light of day?




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