What Can We Expect from the Apple Watch 2?

Posted on Nov 25 2015 - 9:05pm by Robert

The Apple Watch was launched in 2015 and while it wasn’t the runaway success that the tech company had hoped for, that hasn’t stopped rumours of a follow up model becoming increasingly common online.

There is no official word from Apple yet on whether a successor to the Apple Watch is being worked on, how much it would cost and when it might be released. However, the current consensus among internet rumour sites is that we can expect an Apple Watch 2, possibly as soon as next year.

The most likely suggestion is that Apple uses the release of a new generation of their smartwatch to fix some of the issues with the original and to bring in a few new features.


image courtesy of Apple

Among the current predictions doing the rounds is the suggestion that the addition of better Wi-Fi on the new generation of Apple Watch could make users less dependent upon their iPhone and to allow direct downloading from the internet. There is also talk of a FaceTime camera being added, which would allow you to make video and audio calls direct from the smartwatch.

A Find My Watch feature has also been put forward a possible addition to the Apple Watch 2, although it is suggest that this may use Wi-Fi triangulation to find the watch, instead of GPS.

There is also talk of the battery life being boosted for the next release. Having said that, Apple research suggests that people are generally comfortable with the idea of charging their smartwatch every night, so no huge advances in this respect are expected.

What enhancements do you think that the Apple Watch 2 should include?


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