Apple gave away HDD containing top secret files

Posted on Sep 5 2011 - 12:08pm by Robert

Apple has a knack for losing some of its sensitive data. After news broke out that the company lost an iPhone 5 prototype at a bar in the Mission District in San Francisco, Apple news site Cult of Mac reported that an Apple store handed over a hard drive containing top secret Apple files to a customer.

The website said that the hard drive contained a “Time Machine” backup of the store’s internal file server that was “filed with top secret and confidential Apple Store documents.”

“These files look legit to us, which makes this one of the weirder stories that has come through our hands recently,” the site reported of the volumes “/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2009-11-23-095346/HD1/Server Users” and “/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2011-05-18-141707/HD1/Users/admin.”

The customer told Cult of Mac that the drive contains confidential documents, Apple’s sales techniques, internal manuals, Apple Store work checklist, time schedules, product layout and many more.

The site also reported that the man offered to sell them a copy of the hard drive’s contents, but they declined the offer. The site said that it does not pay for stories, especially “not things like confidential information or iPhone prototypes.”

The lucky customer said that he brought his problematic Mac to an Apple retail store in Stamford, Connecticut to have it checked. After a few days, he was called to pick it up and was told that the hard drive had to be replaced.

“When our tipster picked up his Mac, the Genius also handed him a hard drive, which he assumed was his old dead HDD,” said the Cult of Mac.

It was when he plugged the hard drive into a USB enclosure that he found that there was something weird about it. The HDD contained secret documents dating from 2009 to May 2011.


via: Cult of Mac

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