Brand Photo Tagging brings Product Placement to Facebook

Posted on May 12 2011 - 10:57am by Richard Sharp

Facebook has rolled out a new form of tagging for photos that has to be said is the stuff that PR company dreams are made of. The new feature allows users to tag photos with related pages, previously you could only tag people. Basically Facebook have introduced product placement to Facebook as photos can now be linked directly to pages.

An example they gave was a pretty lady holding a coke can, the can has been tagged to the official coca cola Facebook fan page. At this stage only pages in certain categories can be tagged, these include brands and products and people can be tagged with official categories being rolled out at a later date.

The basic privacy settings are also applied to photos that have been tagged, if you only allow fans go to see your content then others will not be able to view them. The photos are added to your gallery and not posted to the pages wall if you allow photos to be viewed by all in your privacy settings.

Facebook photos brand tagging

Any user can tag photos with a page regardless if they ‘like’ the page or not, the whole idea is to socially link people with the brands and products they are seen with. This is a potential winner for brands and celebrities as their fans can now promote them for free in a brand new way whilst their friends can also benefit, a good example could be a couple of friends, one of which has just bought a new product. The product gets tagged to the official page and the second friend can now click through to learn about it.

On the flip side it could open up photos to unwelcome tagging, we will have to wait and see how users adapt to using it. Do you think brand tagging is a good addition to Facebook photos?

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