Brits Are Virtually Helpless Without The Aid Of Technology

Posted on Sep 22 2010 - 7:13am by Matt Jackson

It may not come as a surprise to many, especially parents of kids that are never away from their laptops and other Internet enabled devices. Apparently according to Geek Squad research, as a nation, we Brits are basically helpess if we can’t turn to the Internet or electronic devices in our hour of need.

Nearly half of us rely on the Internet when we’re ill; a similar percentage to the number of people that turn to the Internet when making a life changing decision. We also check out our dates online and more than half of us cancel such meetings if we find something negative.

There are more and more ways of connecting to the Internet and quickly gaining access to the information that we want. As well as computers and laptops both at home and work, smartphones such as the iPhone and Blackberry phones have made it even easier to get online.

Smartphone apps offer even greater flexibility in this respect too. Mp3 players, TVs, and a variety of other devices are all Internet enabled and this means that if we have any kind of a problem then the first thing we tend to do is to get online.

Where asking parents, family, and friends for advice was once the norm, it’s no longer the case and a study by Geek Squad is testament to that fact. 3,000 Brits were surveyed and nearly half admitted to finding it difficult to making a decision without first turning to the Internet.

  • 40% of people use the Internet to help them make life changing decisions.
  • 40% use Internet diagnosis when they are ill rather than visit their doctor.
  • 25% of people turn to the Internet every single day to help make the right decision.
  • Over 50% of the surveyed people have cancelled dates having found something negative about their prospective partners online.

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