Games of the Month May 2010

Posted on Jun 3 2010 - 9:30pm by Richard Sharp

As the summer begins to hot up, some of the most anticipated games of the season are getting released. Here are the most important launches in the video games calendar for May 2010.

Alan Wake
From Remedy, the maker of the Max Payne franchise, comes this psychological action game that plays on various complex themes and takes story telling in gaming to a whole new level. You play the titular character as he attempts to unravel a series of increasingly bizarre and troubling events which surround the sleepy town to which he has retired in order to get over his severe case of writer’s block. Borrowing from survival horror titles such as Resident Evil and Dead Space, this is an epic game that has been years in the making.

Lost Planet 2
Although the first game in this series did not receive a huge amount of attention, developer Capcom has revisited its sci-fi adventure for another look. The emphasis on third person shooting and online gameplay features is supported by a wealth of content that ensures hours of entertainment. As with the original there has clearly been a lot of care put into realising the game world, as every aspect of its presentation is polished and appealing.

Skate 3
The skating sim formula was perfected in Skate 2 and Skate 3 is packed with more content which expands upon this success. The focus here is on recreating the skateboarding experience as accurately as possible, rather than going for the arcade style gameplay of other unmentionable skating franchises. The learning curve may be a little steep for newcomers, but this is one game that maintains a high standard throughout.

Red Dead Redemption
The amount of hype surrounding this game could only be warranted by developer Rockstar, which has proved itself in the past with the excellent Grand Theft Auto series. Red Dead Redemption uses the same visual engine as GTA IV, but this time it has been used to recreate the Wild West rather than a modern urban environment. As a gunslinger you can take to the open range and play around in the sandbox that Rockstar has created. The multiplayer component has also been praised and will help Red Dead Redemption to endure long after you have completed the main story missions.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
The movie adaptation of this successful gaming series has nothing to do with the plot of this latest addition and this is almost certainly a good thing. The Prince is back for some elemental free running action, mixing up new magical powers with combat and platforming in a return to the classic style of the series.

ModNation Racers
This PlayStation 3 exclusive attempts to bring the wacky, accessible racing style of Mario Kart and combine it with the user-generated world of Little Big Planet. The result is a frenetic, arcade style driving simulator in which you can create your own car, driver, track and challenges, with plenty of emphasis on sharing your creations online and enjoying the work of others before competing with them in a true test of skill.

With massive destructible environments, tons of shortcuts and a unique premise, Split/Second is one of the more innovative racers to arrive in 2010. You are taking part in a TV show in which aggressive, combative racing is rewarded and huge sets are created for you to compete in and then slowly pull apart. Visceral, addictive fun.

Alpha Protocol
This self-style ‘espionage RPG’ has had a lot of interest and publisher Sega has made sure that its interesting concept is as innovative as possible. Alpha Protocol has a complex conversation system in which minute choices will drastically alter the outcome of the game’s plot, which means multiple play-throughs are essential. When you are not trying to get to the bottom of international conspiracies using your wit, you will need to run and gun in some third person action sections.

This racer is arriving hot on the heels of Split/Second, although it is actually a very different beast. It comes from the people who brought you the Project Gotham series and its focus is on high speed neon-soaked racing, with power-ups and weapons available to give you the edge over opponents. This is a street racer rather than a realistic simulator, so the controls are forgiving and the sense of speed impressive. Online multiplayer modes are extensive and encourage persistent playing thanks to experience and unlockable features.

Doom II Xbox Live Arcade
The sequel to the game that defined a generation of first person shooters has arrived as a downloadable title on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. The graphics have been given an HD tweak and the classic gameplay remains intact nearly 16 years after it first hit the scene.

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