Iogear Home Theatre Wireless Streaming

Posted on Jan 8 2011 - 6:59pm by Matt Jackson

The CES 2011 has given us a chance to look at the new Iogear GW3DKIT 3D Wireless Streamer.

What this involves is a 3D transmitter and receiver, each containing 4 HDMI inputs, an HDMI and USB output and a VGA and USB input. This means that up to 6 different home theatre machines can be connected and tucked away out of sight. USB keyboard and mouse input add to your connectivity and remote control options.

The keyboard will also let you check out your saved music, photos and videos with absolutely no hassle, as well as managing your online content for work or for your social media activity.

What this package gives you is something which will stream 1080p 60Hz High Definition video, 5.1 audio and 3D content through a Wi-Fi connection up to a distance of 100 feet. The company spokesmen claim that there will be little or no problems with latency or wireless interference.

So why would you want this wireless streamer? It has really been designed for people who love to use their home cinema but who want to keep all their gadgets down to a minimum and humming away out of sight. It also gives you the exciting possibility of multi room viewing without heaving things about or spending a lot of time planning how to do it.

We can expect to see this product come out in the next couple of months, and while there is no official word on the price some CES rumours are fixing it at $500. There is no driver or software installation needed so you can get started and begin to enjoy great home movie flexibility straight away.

Obviously the price is going to be a stumbling block for some people who have already splashed out big time on the rest of their home theatre equipment. How much do you think this kind of flexibility is worth?

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