Octane 120 Gaming Chair (With Beer Taps)

Posted on Jul 31 2008 - 2:51am by Richard Sharp

Octane 120 Gaming ChairWe’ve featured a couple of gaming chairs recently, but I think we may have excelled ourselves this time (well, OK, some credit should probably go to T3 where we actually saw it). Regardless of who gets the credit, though, the Octane 120 is is a suitably named gaming chair because it combines various features that should be considered “must have” in any self respecting gamer’s choice of seating.

120 games are included in he Octane 120 game chair, and can be beamed onto the 10ft screen. 5.1 surround sound immerses you further into the gaming world while blowing the ear drums out of anybody that stands too close while not playing. What’s perhaps more important, though, are the two beer taps (yes, two, because one is never enough) providing cold fluids throughout your gaming session.

You can also plug in your own consoles just in case the 120 games simply isn’t enough, or because you’re getting a bit sick of driving games. An equivalent price of £3,500 does restrict the Octaine 120 too those with more money than sense, but if you’ve got no sense at all then that means you don’t need much money to fall into that category right?

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