Online TV Made Simple?

Posted on Jul 31 2008 - 2:41am by Richard Sharp

BlinkXThe BBC iPlayer is juts one of numerous online On Demand TV services and many more are being constantly added to the pile. While watching streaming TV online isn’t everybody’s idea of home entertainment, using a serviec like BlinkX might make it more popular because BlinkX enables you to search many of the available services for the show of your choice, or lets you browse alphabetically if you’re not really sure what you want to watch.

If you’re the kind of procrastinator that needs little excuse to waver from your daily chores then it might not be the best idea because there’s more channels than you can shake a big stick at. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to search through and using a specific search term (for example, searching for a particular show) can lead to pages and pages of essentially irrelevant YouTube clips, previews, interviews, ads, and just general rubbish.

The principle behind the idea is, though, a brilliant one and as soon as a decent service that categorizes programs and sorts the televisual wheat from the user created chaff comes along we’ll be there. Until then, though, it looks like we’ll have to continue browsing each of the services separately.

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