One million downloads for Windows 8 on its first day

Posted on Mar 3 2012 - 9:03pm by Thomas Sharp

Software giant Microsoft Corp. has announced the availability of its Windows 8 Consumer Preview, a pre-beta build of its next Windows operating system. This week, users can get the preview from its website at

The new touch-based Windows 8 OS aims to power traditional PCs and tablet PCs, in an effort to counter the huge market gains of Apple Inc. through its iPads and iMacs. The consumer preview was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MEC) in Barcelona. This follows the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, which was made available late last year.

“With Windows 8, we reimagined the different ways people interact with their PC and how to make everything feel like a natural extension of the device, whether using a Windows 8 tablet, laptop or all-in-one,” said Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live Division President Steven Sinofsky. “The Windows 8 Consumer Preview brings a no-compromises approach to using your PC.”

Microsoft is also opening the Windows Store, where users can purchase apps for the operating system. The Windows Store will only work for those who have Windows 8, though. As of now, applications are free for those beta version users, but will include paid versions when the OS is finally released.

The preview has gotten much attention from users, as reports claim that one million users have downloaded the operating system on its first day. Although the numbers are not record-breaking, it still shows that lots of people are still looking forward to the new software.


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