Photonics Hyper Highway Could Provide Internet Speed Boost

Posted on Jan 29 2011 - 10:30pm by Richard Sharp

Do you despair with the speed of your Internet? Or just fancy something a bit quicker, how about a service that makes broadband and even fibre optic lines look slow? Sound too good to be true? Not if the Photonic Hyperhighway ever comes into fruition.

The project is being run by the university of Southampton and aims to harness technology that could improve speeds and the general efficiency of the internet by 1000 times, eradicating data choke points and bottlenecks. The project has just been given a huge boost with an government investment of 7.2 million pounds. 

David Willetts of Southampton University revealed the grant, explaining what it could mean for the project, “The Photonics HyperHighway project has the potential to truly revolutionise the internet, making it much faster and more energy-efficient.”

 Programme leader, Professor David Payne explained, “Now is the time to look ahead to develop the UK infrastructure of the future.”

 The project certainly is exciting, it would involve replacing standard electronic switches and junctions which act as choke points with photonics based ones meaning data transfer on standard cables and even fibre optic cable is much more efficient and subsequently faster.

 So what do you think about the news, could this be the next leap internet technology?

Source: Telegraph

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