Samsung N150 Red Netbook Laptop Review

Posted on Jun 25 2010 - 8:19pm by Richard Sharp

The market for compact laptops is growing all the time and new machines need to offer something different in order to grab the attention of a public who are now used to being offered powerful and stylish computers in the most incredibly small packages. The Samsung N150 Red Laptop has all the usual connectivity options to let you hook up to the internet and use your accessories. However, this machine’s big draw is an extended battery life, based upon the addition of a new battery friendly processor.


Very small and very sleek, just what you want from your netbook. This Samsung laptop is glossy, durable and suitably fetching. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary in its presentation but it is a clean, simple look. A common complaint with these reduced size laptops is the often cramped or difficult to use keyboard. While the N150 PC doesn’t distinguish itself in this area it is also far from the worst in its class and those looking at making this their first little netbook machine should be able to adjust to the reduced dimensions fairly quickly.   

Notable Specifications

Probably the thing that stands out most in the Samsung N150 Red Laptop, and what may make you choose it over similar rivals, is the extra long battery life it offers. The inclusion of the new Intel Atom N450 chip means that the graphics processor and memory controller are integrated into the CPU. This takes some of the strain off the battery and gives you up to 7 hours battery life, more than enough for most people’s needs. This means less annoying down time for people who work away from power sources.


There are really two factors which make the Samsung N150 Red Laptop a recommended buy. One is the value for money element which this netbook offers. Secondly, there is the huge battery life mentioned above. These two factors make it ideal for a student, someone who spends a long time away from power sources or maybe an internet addict who wants a cheaper and lighter back up computer for using on their travels. Take a look at the pc world website, the samsung n150 netbook is available with free delivery for £279.99.

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