The all new LG W53 Monitors are a lot easier on the eye

Posted on Apr 14 2009 - 8:41pm by Richard Sharp

lgw53LG the global electronics brand has released a new series of LCD monitor screens that they claim will help alleviate eyestrain. The new W53 series monitors feature LCD High Definition Widescreen technology that alters and optimises the brightness levels depending on the surroundings, the monitors also feature a black out function that will remove flickering pop up images when there are video clips displayed.


The W53 series monitor screen is also minimal in design so no untidy buttons to gather dust, the sleek lines of the monitor are free of control buttons which automatically appear on the screen when a hand is placed close to the screen.

 Due to the nature of the technology the new LG W53 series monitors also have a power saving so from an environmental point of view are advantageous to use. The LG W53 series come in a variety of screen sizes starting at 18.5” to 27”, also the monitors that are larger than 21.5” will also feature HD resolution to 1920 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. High Definition films and games will be displayed in a never been seen before quality, automatically the screen will change according to the surrounding light and so the visuals will not be impaired by glare or poor light.

This new range of LG monitors is bound to be good news for the employer who is now responsible for minimising risks to employee’s health. In an office environment the use of VDU screens and the risks associated with eyestrain can cause symptoms such as eye pain, blurred vision and headaches. The new LG W53 series also come with a useful timer included which will prompt the end user to have a break from the monitor screen.

The LG W53 series monitor screens are expected to be available to purchase in the UK from this May, there is no indication as yet as to the cost of the new monitors.

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