The SHC – The Future Of 3 Door Hatchbacks?

Posted on Aug 27 2010 - 10:28am by Matt Jackson

Designer Jamie Martin has turned his hand to designing some pretty awesome concepts in the past. He designed the Cobra Venom V8 concept car and the C.R.A.B police droi that we featured a while ago. He’s even one of the 4 winners that were tasked with creating the new design for the London bus (that may not sound much of a boast, but if you look at it you’ll realise it’s not your average bid red bus). Now he’s designed the SHC, or Super Hatchback Concept which is essentially a cross between a super car and a three door hatchback.

From the front end, the SHC looks like it could easily be a new TVR while the back end features the now obligatory multiple exhausts. It has ideal weight distribution which has been achieved through careful material choice and solid engineering and is definitely a concept that has been borne through sound design rather than jsut a quick mock-up that you might see when you’re hopping around the Internet.

Airflow is directed optimally through, over, and under the car. It has high torque and offers incredible supercar performance and speed despite being a convenient and useful hatchback. It is, as Jamie himself puts it, the supercar that you can also do your shopping in (the typical Ferrari isn’t exactly blessed in the boot space department).

Happily, the tech doesn’t stop there either as the SHC is brimming with new and cutting edge gadgets and drive technology. It would include a 6 speed short-shift gearbox as standard with an optional 7 speed also available. The twin-turbocharged engine offers direct injection and overboosting. Regenerative braking and AirHybrid drive make it an ecologically friendly hatchback too.

You can see full details on the SHC here.

Can you see the SHC gracing our roads in the near future?

Would you buy what is essentially a supercar wrapped up in a hatchback’s body?

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