The SmartWig: Will the Sony Syrup Take the World by Storm?

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 7:58pm by Robert

Wigs have been incredibly useful to many people over the years but could they be the future of wearable technology? It seems unlikely that a toupee could be the next big thing but that is what the, ahem, bigwigs at Sony seem to think.

A device they have considered making has been called a SmartWig and Sony has already filed a patent for it. It should really be called the Sony Syrup, we think.

While this might seem the like the ideal accessory for a follically embarrassed gadget lover, our more hirsute readers don’t need to despair. The Sony Syrup is designed to work even for people who have their own head of hair.

What Does It Do?

sonySo what does this hairy marvel of the 21st century do? Well, the patent filing made by the people at Sony said that it could be used to do diverse things like helping blind people cross the road, communicating wirelessly and collecting details on the wearer’s blood pressure, temperature and pulse.

The wearable Sony wig could be made from any sort of natural or synthetic material, with human hair being a distinct possibility. Yak hair, wool and horse hair were some of the other possible materials suggested by the firm.

The sensors and other elements would be hidden from sight while the wig was being sported. A spokesperson from Sony even went as far as to describe it as something which could be both “technically intelligent” and a “fashion item”.

The idea is that the user benefits from a comfortable and easily handled piece of technology, while being able to look frankly cool and hairy at the same time.

Would you wear a SmartWig?

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