TOSHIBA Satellite L650-12Q Laptop Review

Posted on Jul 5 2010 - 3:17pm by Richard Sharp

Two things have been on my mind recently. Firstly, if the world’s most popular first name is Mohammed and the most popular surname is Chang why have I never come across a Mohammed Chang? Secondly, and perhaps more relevant to this article, how do you choose a great laptop at the best price when there are so many offers out there? My top tip of the day is to jot down what you plan to use it for and how much you can afford to spend. Armed with this simple yet essential information you can then look for a laptop which meets your own criteria. If you see one which doesn’t offer the specification you need then it is out of the picture. If you see one which looks good but costs less than your budget then look at slightly more expensive ones, in the future you will be grateful that you did.


The Toshiba Satellite L650-12Q laptop has what you might be tempted to call a classic look.  The words black, slimline and elegant might also appear unbidden in your head. There is a 15.6” high definition screen too.

Notable Specifications

It’s got a lot packed into it, so it has. The driving force of the machine is the Intel® Core™ i5-430M Processor, which means that Windows® 7 Home Premium runs like a dream. There is 4GB of memory and 320GB of hard drive.


If you are expecting to get this quality laptop for under £600 then until recently you would have been left with your little face pressed against the shop window while the shop assistants laughed cruelly at your lack of financial clout. The last laugh is on those evil attendants though. Click into the PC World site and smother a chortle as you see that your 600 quid now stretches to this fine laptop and 20 items from your local “Everything for a pound” shop.


The Toshiba Satellite L650-12Q is a meaty machine with a top specification and all the features, connectivity options and memory which most of us could really expect to use. At its current offer price you’ll be picking up a top bargain.

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John Lewis with  five year warranty

PC world

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