Pyro Wristband Flame Thrower for Budding Superheroes

Posted on Jan 22 2015 - 10:18am by Robert

How would like to shoot fireballs out from your wrists like the Human Torch? Sure, it isn’t the kind of thing you get asked very often but it is now finally an option you can really consider.

Pyro is the name of the gadget that lets you release great balls of fire from a wristband. It has come about in a collaboration between the magic trick firm Ellusionist and magician Adam Wilber.

The device has 4 separate barrels and each of them can fire off a ball of flames up to about 3 metres. After unloading the fireballs you need to reload it with flash paper before playing at being a superhero again.

The switch that controls the firing isn’t actually part of the flame throwing unit. This means it can be controlled from a maximum of 30 feet away.

Man’s Eternal Quest for Fire


The intriguing launch statement from Wilber says that fire has always been “the reward at the end of man’s quest”. It goes on to say that the power of Pyro is the “power of fire in the palm of your hand”.

The main market for Pyro is expected to be magicians and illusionists, although the next time you see someone like this dramatically shoot off fireballs it won’t be much of a surprise.

The launch of this product has also led to interest among non-illusionists who simply want to look like flame throwing superheroes from time to time. The cost of the wristband is $117 (£110) and they can be pre-ordered now.

Would you like the ability to throw fireballs out of your wrist? If not, why on Earth not?

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