XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker Review

Posted on Jul 10 2010 - 8:09am by Richard Sharp

Can such a small speaker give a big sound? Is buying a tiny speaker the way forward for sound lovers? Why is belly button fluff always blue or purple? I hope to answer at least two of those questions in the following review for the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker.


The fact that the name includes the word “mini” twice tells you not to expect a particularly large product. However, you should still take care to lock away any dinkyometer you may have lying around, as it could go off the scale when you open the box.

Notable Specifications

There are a couple of excellent features which are worth starting with. Firstly, these mini speakers give around 11 hours playback time. Secondly, you can recharge them using your USB port. The XMI-mini II Mini Speaker comes with an impressive 40mm driver and the Buddy Jack system which will let you link together various of these speakers.


Pay more than £20 for the XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker and you will repent your failure to fully investigate the myriad possibilities available to the tenacious internet bargain hunter. These little speakers are available at prices which make them a very good purchase indeed.


In answer to my earlier questions. 1) Yes. 2) Quite Possibly. 3) It’s all to do with the fibres in your clothes.

This little speaker provides an amazingly big and powerful sound. This would be a wise buy for anyone looking to boost the audio power of their PC or as a quality portable audio option.  

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