$10,000 for an Enigma Watch

Posted on Apr 9 2015 - 9:31pm by Robert

With so many smartwatch options popping up these days it needs something different for a new one to stand out from the crowd.

Well, how about a watch based on the famous Enigma machine? This is the encryption tool used by German using the Second World War and that was finally broken by Alan Turing.

The Engima machine has been in the news again lately because of The Imitation Game film. However, what could an encryption device from the 1940s have to do with the world of modern smartwatches?

While the likes of Apple and Samsung are busy bringing out new pieces of wearable technology someone decided to make an Enigma match using an Arduino computer. The work was carried out and posted on YouTube by a user known as Asciimation.

A 12 Minute Video Showcase


The 12 minute long video shows you all about the retro style wristwatch and then goes on to show you how it works. A number of components have been taken out and a small low resolution display added. The Enigma watch then uses three buttons to cycle through the different functions. It looks weird and completely unique as it churns out code on the small display.

It isn’t a business venture for a new type of watch but rather a one-off design. However, if you really want this watch the maker says that he will sell it for $10,000. He would use half of the money to visit Bletchley Park and the other half to donate to the park.

Would you use a watch like this one?


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