BlackBerry PlayBook Delay Blamed on iPad 2 Screen Demand

Posted on Apr 9 2011 - 6:18pm by Robert

What’s the best way to stop your rivals from beating you in the market? When it comes to gadgets then buying all the available parts is a pretty good approach.

The BlackBerry PlayBook launch looks like being set back a month. Why? Because those chaps at Apple have been stashing away all the blooming touchscreens, that’s why.

It seems that the iPad manufacturers have upped their purchasing to cope with iPad 2 demand and left the BlackBerry touchscreen-less for the moment. A release date in mid April is now being quoted for the US and June time for the UK.

The problems with supplies apparently have their root in the recent disasters in Japan, although Apple’s main supplier is Hon Hai and they report no issues with their production.

This isn’t the only reason for the launch date being put back though, as more testing was needed on the new device. Even with the delay it has been reported that not all of the software will be ready in time. Incredible as it may seem the PlayBook looks like hitting the shops without apps for contacts, email and calendar functions, which is bound to be a big turn off for many potential purchasers.

Will the extra wait be worth it? The details of new BlackBerry are certainly pretty impressive. It comes with 2 cameras (3 and 5 megapixels), 1GB of RAM, Flash support, 1GHz processor and multitasking.

Are these specs good enough to make people forget the delay and the software issues and choose this instead of the rivals’ machines?

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