BT Announces The New Home Hub

Posted on Jul 14 2008 - 10:05pm by Richard Sharp

The New BT Home HubThe new Home Hub from BT offers a sleek new look, improved connectivity, increased range, and a number of other useful features to boot. Released on Friday, it will come free as part of some BT packages or will cost you just shy of £100 in the shops. Oh, we forgot to mention, that it doesn’t require an aerial which is jolly good.

The n standard wifi connector enables users to stream multimedia to computers and media players throughout the house and means that BT will be the only Broadband ISP in the country that offers this level of standard.

The design is a huge improvement on the previous functional and typically BT looks. The black concave design has no aerial protrusion and several lovely touch screen buttons in the top corner.

As well as WiFi there are also double the number of ethernet ports (that’s four, in case you don’t have the old one for comparison) and a USB2 port.

According to T3, BT also announced that the Vision package would now include Setanta Sports for free and that they will be releasing an overnight download service. This means you can pick a film and by morning it will have downloaded ready for you to watch at your leisure (although there’s probably a time limit).

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