Call of Duty: Black Ops PC First Strike DLC Now Available

Posted on Mar 26 2011 - 9:14pm by Thomas Sharp

After a lengthily wait PC owners can now download the First Strike extension pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. PC owners have begrudgingly had to wait for the pack nearly one month longer than Playstation 3 owners and two months longer than Xbox 360 gamers but can now download the DLC to unlock four new multiplayer maps and an additional zombie map via Steam for £11.49.

Four new maps

The new multiplayer scenarios include Stadium, Berlin Wall, Kowloon City and Discovery. Berlin wall is a throw back with action taking place on both side of the wall – it’s never far away and serves as a reminder of the past. Kowloon offers a scenario where gamers can take out other players whilst darting across concrete and tin rooftops. Stadium and Discovery are literally poles apart, the latter taking place at a deserted German outpost in the Antarctic whilst the former offers urban close combat warfare in a modern day Pro Hockey arena.


Ascension, the additional Zombies map, takes place in a somewhat eerie Soviet missile base. Space monkeys have replaced hellhounds and running zombies sometimes roll, bob and weave which makes headshots more difficult to achieve.

Via: Call of duty website

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