Could Using Your Phone Damage Your Eyes?

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 10:13am by Paul

A new report suggests that using a smartphone for too long could be damaging to your eyes.

The suggestion comes following a survey of around 2,000 phone users, which was carried out by a group of independent opticians.

The survey results revealed that the average smartphone user looks at the screen for almost 7 hours each day and feels anxious when they don’t have their phone to hand.  Users under the age of 25 check their phone an average of 32 times a day. The opticians behind the survey state that this level of use could increase the risk of the users’ eyes being damaged over time.

Not Just Phones


The warning about the amount of time we use our gadgets isn’t just directed at smartphone users. Flat screen TVS, PCs and tablets can also cause the same sort of damage.  One of the opticians behind the research is Andy Hepworth. He pointed out that blue violet light (which is what you see from a smartphone) is “potentially hazardous and toxic” when it comes to the back to our eyes. This is due to two factors; having the gadget too close to our eyes and not blinking as much as we normally would. Over time this increases the risk of eye damage.

Too much exposure to this blue violet light can lead to an eye condition which can lead to blindness, while in less serious cases it can cause sleeping patterns to be disrupted and can affect your mood as well.

Take a regular break from your gadgets and getting your eyes checked now and then are the main pieces of advice from the survey.

Have you ever felt that your eyes have been affected through too much gadget use?

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