Curved LCD Displays, Thinnest Ever Display, And Improved Touch Screen Displays

Posted on May 22 2008 - 3:20pm by Richard Sharp

AUO - New LCD Display TechnologiesWho can keep up with technology, eh? One minute, manufacturers are doing all they can to create the flattest form TV monitors imaginable, and then AUO come along and brag about their latest innovation – the curved LCD display on glass substrate. While e-paper displays don’t quite manage to get colours and image quality perfect, AUO claims that using new technology, they can do just that on glass substrate.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, AUO is also set to showcase the world’s thinnest mobile phone LCD display – measuring just 0.63mm. The screen apparently “uses special glass thinning technologies, shrinking the thickness of related components, to achieve 0.63mm in thickness, 2.1 grams in weight and 400nits in brightness. The end result is a multitude of desired features – light, slim, elegant and sunlight readable, to meet current mobile lifestyles.”

The list goes on. New AUO touch-screen technology means that touch-screen monitors can be created without the need to add an extra layer of glass, potentially minimizing the size of the display and providing greater touch screen capabilities. Manufacturing is due to start on this process in the coming weeks as the technology has already been tested and proven to work.

Is that it? Well, no, actually. Continuing in the touch screen technology sector, they have also created a coating that, once applied to the touch screen during the manufacturing process, creates a finger print and grease resistant coating. This offers yet another way to improve the performance of touch screen displays.

That’s a hefty list of new technologies created by one single company. All of them will be showcased and featured at the Society for Information Display (SID) week in Los Angeles this week.

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