Dell Launch girlie Della site in US

Posted on May 15 2009 - 9:35pm by Richard Sharp

You can just imagine all the suits in Dell sat around a huge desk in the boardroom brainstorming when some bright spark threw in ‘lets launch a special Dell site for girls’, much nodding of Dell executive heads ‘and call it Della’, much more nodding of heads ‘we can make the girls feel like they are really included’. At this point (if there had have been a woman in that meeting) someone should have said ‘do you not think that people might see it as a little bit, well, sexist?’

You have to admire Dell for trying to appeal to the ‘fairer sex’ but is it really necessary? Surely women are just as capable as men to manage to purchase a laptop without the need for special pink, fluffy, cuddly images. It is a little demeaning to a woman to have it assumed that they are so dim that they need a whole section just for them. Certainly it is even more insulting to their intelligence when they include ‘useful’ Tech Tips like ‘Get Moving: tools like Gyminee help you track workouts. You can even map out new running routes’ or ‘Get Organized: Sites like lifeorganizers give you tips on everything from organizing your home office to planning your next vacation’. Now forgive us for saying, but shouldn’t tech tips on a computer site be aimed more towards common technical problems, such as how to deal with Conficker or how to unfreeze a PC!

Luckily for all the British women who visit Dell they won’t (at the moment) have to endure the patronising ‘Della’ pages. Come on Dell for goodness sake women nowadays can be captains of industry and even god forbid the Prime minister of an ally of yours! They don’t really need whole sections on colour coordinated accessories for their laptop or tips from a ‘featured artist’, they just want to know how much guts is under the bonnet!

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