Glasgow: City of the Future

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 10:25pm by Thomas Sharp

If you want to check out a city of the future then you might think first of all of Tokyo, Beijing or maybe even Los Angeles. However, before long you will be better off going to Glasgow instead.

That’s right, Scotland’s biggest city might be best known for its pubs, its powerful industrial past and its fierce football rivalry but it will soon be one of the first smart cities in the UK.

This is because Glasgow has come up trumps in winning a £24 million grant from the government to help it work on projects to show the way in which cities of the future could work. The grant was put up by the Technology Strategy Board and is called the Future Cities Demonstrator.
The kind of thing which this could cover includes real time traffic information and apps to let Glaswegian commuters find out whether their bus or train is running on schedule. There is also a council app in the offing which will allow residents to tell them about such issues as the rubbish not being collected and new potholes in the road.

Fighting Crime and Traffic Problems

Perhaps more exciting advances could come in the shape of the traffic management unit spotting incidents quicker through linked up CCTV cameras and the use of special software to help in the fight against crime.

As well as Glasgow you can also expect to see smart city technology getting used in London, Birmingham and Sunderland in the near future.
It is hoped that the ideas tried out in Glasgow thanks to the grant will then give other UK cities the chance to follow suit and put them into practise as well.

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