Google Nexus S Smartphone Available to Pre Order Today

Posted on Dec 6 2010 - 10:56pm by Richard Sharp

A few weeks ago the gadget world caught a glimpse of the Google Nexus S at the web 2.0 summit; Eric Schmidt was nonchalantly showing off the phone in an unofficial way. After a long wait the Nexus S handset is finally here pre-loaded with the hotly anticipated Android Gingerbread.

Gadget lovers who want to get their hands on the brand new Smartphone can order it now exclusively from the car phone warehouse. The Google Nexus S is manufactured by Samsung and is the successor to the insanely popular Nexus One, manufactured by HTC.

The device is the first Smartphone to feature a super bright (1.5 times brighter than standard LCD) 4 inch AMOLED curved screen made specifically to improve visibility especially when making video calls. The screen features similar technology to that of the Galaxy S and also benefits from reduced sunlight glare.

The Nexus S packs in 16GB of memory and a 1GHz processor; it also features Google’s favoured HTML5 for effortless and problem free internet browsing. It also features brand new near field communication technology, this nifty addition allows the phone to read or use data by simply touching the phone on it.

A good example would be touching a movie poster with an NFC image and for it to take you to the movies website. Google envisages this working with payment solutions in the future with users ‘swiping’ their phones instead of a card.

The Nexus S can be pre-ordered now for free on a £35 contract or should you fancy it you can buy it outright for £549.99 at

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