Gran Turismo 5 Academy Postponed Due to Mass Cheating

Posted on Feb 8 2011 - 12:00am by Thomas Sharp

Players who managed to make it through to phase 2 of Gran Turismo’s Academy 2011 have been automatically put through to the third stage of the competition after the games developers discovered an unprecedented amount of cheaters during the first round.

These players made use of glitches or ‘loop holes’ on the qualifying tracks to cut out large sections of the track without penalty, this should have disqualified the racers but instead resulted in some players setting very quick times by cheating.

It was found that tracks chosen to host the second stage of the 2011 academy also had similar ‘loop holes’ after the competition had started, Polyphony decided to change the track again until they realised that track had problems too.

The video below shows some of the problems caused by the loop holes, drivers who chose to cut off parts of the track were given a clear advantage over drivers who chose to stick to the track. Normally this kind of glitch may be left alone but with such a huge prize given to the eventual GT Academy winner it’s understandable that both Polyphony and players want to get things right.

Let’s hope a little more testing takes place before the next round eventually starts.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

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