L.A. Noire to be released for PC this Autumn

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 4:24pm by Julius

Rockstar Games announced that the crime drama game L.A. Noire will be available for the PC platform this coming fall. The game, which has been enjoyed by PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers, has achieved popularity with its rich storyline, excellent gameplay and realistic graphics.

“Along with increased fidelity and improved graphical enhancements, the PC version will also feature 3D support for an even greater sense of interaction and immersion within a painstakingly detailed 1940s Los Angeles,” according to a statement by Rockstar Games.

It is reported that the conversion will be done by Rockstar Leeds, which will feature improved graphics, gamepad functionality and keyboard remapping. The console version of the game has shipped more than 4 million copies and has received positive reviews from reviewers.

Set in Los Angeles in the 1940s, players will assume the role of an LAPD Police officer Cole Phelps, who starts as a patrolman, eventually advancing through different police departments. The game was created using the real-time global illumination technology by Lightsprint and MotionScan, where facial expressions of real-world actors are recorded from different angles by 32 cameras. The faces of the characters need to be detailed because important leads are acquired by interrogating suspects.

There were several reports of players experiencing overheating while playing the game on the PS3, but Rockstar and Sony denied that these issues were related to hardware and software problems.

Are you looking forward to L.A Noire for PC?

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