Mobile Internet Use Booming

Posted on Jul 10 2008 - 1:11pm by Richard Sharp

Mobile Internet Usage UpDespite early concerns that the world just wasn’t taking to th emobile web as expected, it’s now being reported that the user base has hit critical mass. 16% of all handset owning Americans now use their mobile phones to browse the web, pick up email, download music, and the like. Proudly, we in the UK, come second in the list formulated by Nielsen, the Internet usage analysts.

Mobile phones and other mobile devices have certainly improved in their adoption and implementation of the technology while improved Internet connections has further expanded the possibilities offered by the mobile Internet. These advances have led to consumers becoming more reliant on mobile devices and the mobile Internet in general for downloading music, browsing the web, and performing a number of other online tasks.

Nielsen also commented on our mobile browsing habits. Perhaps expectedly, we visit far fewer websites when we browse on mobile phones. Americans visit an average of just over 6 domains per month compared to more than a hundred when using a standard Internet connection. In the UK we visit 5.5 average. The Italians are clearly mad for it, though, visiting more than 8 per month.

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