Mophie announces its next-gen Juice Pack for iOS devices

Posted on Oct 12 2011 - 12:41pm by Thomas Sharp

Gadget accessory maker mophie has announced the availability of its next-generation Juice Pack Universal line of products. The Juice Pack Universal is a collection of external portable batteries (boost, reserve and powerstation) that gives extra power to your devices.

The Juice Pack Universal delivers a compact and lightweight power solution specifically designed for Apple iPods and iPhones.

The next-generation boost and reserve raise the bar in the portable power category, as it features improved quality, increased battery capacity and new design elements, making these add-ons more efficient and convenient.

The boost has the capability to fully recharge an iPhone with its 2000 mAh capacity. It also featres a pivoting connector that acts as a stand while the phone is charging. It is available for £44.95.

The reserve packs 700 mAh into a device. It has a flexible USB outer band that stay concealed until you decide to use it. It is available for £29.95.

The powerstation, the most powerfule of the three, boasts a whopping 4000 mAh and a super high-output charging that can charge all generations of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and USB devices. It has the capability to switch between 500 mAh, 1 A and 2.1 A charge. It is available for £64.95.

“The juice pack reserve, boost and powerstation deliver a range of recharging solutions to mobile device users who need additional battery power but don’t have the time or opportunity to plug into a wall or their laptop,” said mophie’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Ross Howe. “The first universal batteries were incredibly well received and we evolved the line to help consumer’s get the very most from their iOS devices at all times with easy and convenient portable power solutions.”

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