MP4 Film Watch

Posted on Oct 24 2008 - 11:59pm by David Gray

mp4.jpgTired of those long car journeys? Get bored sitting on the train with nothing to do? Then check out the new improved MP4 Film Watch!

This little beauty has it all, it is compact, but large enough for you to see what is going on, stylish yet practical and it has double the memory of any other MP4 Film Watch on the market.  You now have the chance to walk around with your very own movie and video library, a massive selection of songs and it also has an inbuilt FM radio.

The MP4 Film Watch can hold 1000 songs, 6 full length movies and 160 music videos all on a device which literally slips onto you wrist – how good is that?

While it goes without saying that the picture and sound quality are top of the range, the easy to use USB connector allows you to download movies, music and videos from your PC and store them on your watch.  The MP4 Film Watch supports all of the latest technology, has a very useful help system and a battery which allows 10 hours of music and 5 hours of movies before its need a recharge.

This may not be the first MP4 Film Watch on the market but it is in a different league compared to the rest.

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