OK Go Geo-Mapping Video

Posted on Nov 15 2010 - 6:38pm by Richard Sharp

The US based rock band OK Go has teamed up with Chelsea tractor manufacturer Range Rover in collaboration called the ‘Evoque’ project. The band who shot to stardom with their viral video for the song ‘Here it goes again’ is hoping to make a similar impact with the brand new geo-tagging campaign.

The group’s first video involved the foursome strutting their stuff on a set of six treadmills; the song was also featured on an iTunes advert in the UK. The song has amassed over 53 million views on YouTube – no mean feat.

The new project will take place in Los Angeles on 17th November 2010 with the group geo-mapping their movements with their instruments through the busy streets of LA. Fans will be able to watch and track the bands movements via Facebook and Twitter. The clever part is that the band will be using the new Evoque iPhone App which creates awesome looking maps using GPS tags. The aim will be for the band to spell out their name ‘OK GO’ in huge GPS letters on the apps screen – genius.

Damian Kulash from OK Go said: “We’re asking everyone who wants to be part of something artistic, colourful and musical to join us in this collaboration….We will track every step of our journey through GPS and create a unique piece of collaborative, living art. We are dancing with our home town and asking our fans to do the same.”

The band and Range Rover want fans to get in on the action mapping their own journeys and send them in, the best ones will be used by the band and sent out over their Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Here is the official video about the promotion.

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