Pedalite Bike Pedals

Posted on Dec 2 2008 - 12:36pm by David Gray

pedal.jpgCycling has become a way of life for many in the UK and across the world but the dangers on the roads of today are there to see and clearly a concern for all cyclists. The need to be seen at all times of the day by oncoming traffic is paramount as more and more cyclists become involved in ever more serious road accident. Check out the Pedalite Bike Pedals for the ultimate answer to road safety for cyclists of today!

While these may just look like your traditional light reflecting pedals they really do offer so much more. Using kinetic energy, which is created as soon as you start to pedal, the device will start to illuminate and flash from all angles but the clever part is the fact it is able to store kinetic energy and keep the lights illuminated when you are freewheeling or stop pedalling at a junction.

It is common knowledge that 75% of cycling accidents happen at junctions where oncoming traffic may not be able to see the more traditional light reflecting pedals. However the Pedalite Bike Pedals reflect and flash from all sides ensuring that you can be seen night and day from a distance of up to 1 Km. The fact that the lights shine from all angles may sound fairly irrelevant, but this is the saving grace of this gadget which has and will continue to save lives.

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